Directed by

Daniel Kiel


Director of Photography

Jane Folk


Edited by

David Kiern

Brian Wurzburg


Narrated by

Mayor A.C. Wharton


Associate Producer

Brian Wurzburg


Produced by

Jane Folk

David Kiern


Executive Producer

Daniel Kiel



Jane Folk

Brian Wurzburg

Chris Niswonger

Daniel Kiel

David Kiern

R. Barret Folk


Written by

Daniel Kiel

Mark C. Hill

David Kiern



Anna Rudman-Santos

Daniel Kiel

Benjamin Wilkins



Alma Dean Cantrell

Phil Carver

Jacqueline Moore Christion

Carolyn Clark

Sheila Malone Conway

Pamela Mayes Evans

Menelik Fombi

Alvin Freeman

Mary Freeman

Mattie Freeman

John Holt

Dwania Kyles

Rev. Samuel “Billy” Kyles

Sharon Malone

Romanita Morris

Maxine Smith

Clifton Wentworth

Joyce Bell White

Leandrew Wiggins

Elaine Wilkins

Clarence Williams

Harry Williams

Bert Wolff


Original Music by

Anthony Gilbert

Robert Gilbert


Original Music Engineering & Mixing

Boo Mitchell


Original Music Performed by

John Bass, guitar

William Easley, clarinet

Anthony Gilbert, snare drum

Joan Gilbert, violin

Robert Gilbert, horn, snare drum

Will Haapaniemi, violin

Heidi Han, violin

Paul McKinney, trumpet

Aromi Park, violin

David Parks, bass guitar

Robert Patterson, horn

Steve Potts, drums

Victor Sawyer, trombone

Todd Skitch, flute

Lester Snell, piano

Jim Spake, tenor sax

Kaitlyn Vest, cello

Paul Vest, cello

Jessica Wiersma, violin

Mario Williams, viola


Original Music Recorded and mixed at

Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studios

Memphis, Tennessee


Additional Music by


Audio Narration Recording

Justin Willingham

Bard Cole


Trailer Engineering

Brian Wurzburg



Ray Rico


Footage and Photos Courtesy of

Thought Equity Motion, A Division of the BBC

“The Road to Brown” Documentary

Mississippi Valley Collection, The University of Memphis Ned McWherter Library

The Commercial Appeal

Alvin Freeman

Daniel Kiel

Romanita Morris

Leandrew Wiggins

Clarence Williams



Anthony Gilbert

Daniel Kiel

Brian Wurzburg


Special Thanks To

Jane Folk

Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change

First Tennessee Bank

Asissi Foundation of Memphis

Mike Curb Institute for Music, Rhodes College

New School Media Group

WKNO Studios


Additional Thanks To

Jake Allen

Barbara Andrews

David Appleby

Kim Cherry

Lue Ellen Cooke

Chelsea Dubey

Connie Dyson

Shawna Engel

R. Barret Folk

Menelik Fombi

Edwin Frank

Lori Guy

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Aurelia Kyles

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Clifton Wentworth

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Rosalind Withers

Jan Young

John Zeanah


National Civil Rights Museum

Memphis City Schools Office of Comprehensive Planning

Memphis Public Library – Memphis and Shelby County Room

The University of Memphis

Facing History and Ourselves

Malco Theaters, Inc.

Winner 2014 Honolulu African American Film Festival