Watch the Film

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Host a Screening

The Memphis 13 was created to not only share the stories of 13 incredibly brave young people, but also to provide a starting point for conversations about inclusion, tolerance, and social change. Included here are resources for you to use the film to spark such a conversation in your classroom or in your community, with your friends, your family, or your colleagues.  Check out the Trailer for a preview…

Share Your Experience

Have you attended a screening or seen the film? Do you have stories of your own experience breaking a barrier? Please consider sharing your experiences here!

  • How was the film received?
  • Was there anything you found particularly compelling? Useful? Surprising? These could be items from the film or from the discussion that followed.
  • Have you had your own experience with the breaking of barriers – as a participant or an observer? If so, what was similar about the barrier-breaking experiences of the Memphis 13? And what was different?
  • What do you know about the desegregation story in your own community?
  • What were some of the most compelling, thoughtful, difficult, or inspiring questions of the night?

Hearing how viewers connect these stories to their own lives and contexts drives home the universality of some of the film’s themes. Please share photos or videos from your event, ideas for others organizing screenings, personal experiences of breaking barriers, or questions about the film. You can do so either here or via email (info@thememphis13.com) or the film’s Facebook page. Thank you so much for your feedback and engagement.

Winner 2014 Honolulu African American Film Festival