CA Coverage of 50th Anniversary

The Memphis 13: First-graders made history 50 years ago integrating Memphis schools PHOTO GALLERY: The Memphis 13 Brown v. Board was a catalyst for change The Memphis 13 Now

Fox 13 – Documentary Reflects on the Memphis 13

Documentary Reflects on the Memphis 13:

Kiel on C-SPAN Discussing Memphis 13

  In May 2011, Daniel Kiel discusseed the film and his research on the history of education in Memphis and Shelby County from desegregation through the current consolidation discussions.  The event, hosted by the Downtown Neighborhood Association, was at the University of Memphis Law School.

CA: Lessons from ’61 Remain Relevant

Commercial Appeal columnist Wendi Thomas discusses the oral history project…. Where were you when the divisive issues of public education threatened to shred your community — pitting neighbor against neighbor, black against white, fears against hope? Did you believe then that Memphis was on the brink of doing its best for all school children? Or did you worry that the change would…